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Broadway Buzz


Sugar brown, caramel, milk chocolate, citric mandarine acidity, creamy body.

Coffee Profile

Broadway Buzz is a showcase of what makes Colombian coffee exceptional. Its profile is anchored in the comforting warmth of sugar brown and caramel, complemented by the indulgence of milk chocolate. The highlight is its unique citric mandarine acidity, which adds a fresh, vibrant layer, all carried through a beautifully creamy body. This coffee is ideal for those seeking depth and balance in their cup.

Roast Level


Flavor Profile

Sugar brown, caramel, milk chocolate

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Tasting Notes

A rich blend with a velvety chocolate base, enhanced by a touch of citrus brightness and a smooth, creamy finish.

Best Brew Methods

French Press, Cold Brew, Espresso


Country: Colombia
A land renowned for its coffee, Colombia offers diverse climates and landscapes, producing coffees with a wide range of flavor profiles. Colombian coffees are celebrated for their quality, aroma, and the richness of their flavors.
Department: Cauca
Cauca is known for its high-altitude coffee farms, which contribute to the coffee's distinctive taste. The region's unique climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing coffee, resulting in beans that are rich in flavor with a noticeable acidity and sweetness.
Finca: Patio Bonito
Patio Bonito is a testament to the dedication and passion of its farmers. This farm benefits from a perfect combination of altitude, climate, and soil, contributing to the distinct characteristics of Broadway Buzz.
Coffee Grower: Paola Trujillo
Paola Trujillo represents the heart and soul behind Broadway Buzz. Her commitment to sustainable farming practices and quality production shines through in the coffee's exceptional taste and aroma.
Height ASL: nnnn masl
The coffee is grown at an altitude that is optimal for coffee cultivation in Colombia, contributing to its unique flavor profile. The specific height accentuates the coffee's natural sweetness, acidity, and body.




Patio Bonito


Colombia, Cauca




Paola Trujillo

Coffee Grower




SCA Rating

Detailed Coffee Information

Varietal: Colombia

The Colombia varietal is known for its balanced cup, good body, and mild, yet distinct, acidity. It often presents chocolate and nutty flavors, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.


Process: Washed

The washed (or wet) process involves removing the coffee cherry's outer layers before drying, resulting in a cleaner, brighter cup. This method highlights the coffee's natural acidity and intrinsic flavors, including Broadway Buzz's notable citric mandarine acidity and creamy body.


SCA Rating: 86.75

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) score of 86.75 places Broadway Buzz in the category of specialty coffee, indicating high quality. Coffees scored above 80 are considered specialty, with higher scores denoting exceptional flavors, aromas, and overall balance. Broadway Buzz's score reflects its excellence in taste and the meticulous care in its cultivation and processing.

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