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No need to be a coffee snob to get the best out of specialty coffee!

Awesome coffee made for everyone!!!

How it works

  • Tell us your tastes

Answer a few short questions to begin shaping your specialty coffee journey.

  • Receive your Coffee Tasting Box

Get our selection of 3 unique and very different coffees to taste the coffee spectrum.

  • Rate and refine your coffees

After rating those 3 coffees, we'll understand your taste and match you with what's best for YOU.

What's the
Coffee Tasting Box?

This Coffee Tasting Box it's our idea of a complete yet simple way to experience specialty coffee, perfect for both coffee conosseurs and beginners, eager to discover exciting and maybe new sides of coffee.

So what's in the

Coffee Tasting Box?

Three coffees (100gr of each), very different from each other, were selected with the purpose for you to enjoy as much of the coffee taste spectrum as possible simply and effectively:

Coffee taste profile traditional
Coffee taste profile traditional bar

#1 The traditional

Coffee taste profile modern bar
Coffee taste profile modern

#2 The modern

Coffee taste profile exotic bar
Coffee taste profile exotic

#3 The exotic

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