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Coffee Tasting Box

Coffee Tasting Box

SKU: 200900

Discover the rich world of specialty coffee with our Coffee Tasting Box! This is a curated selection of three distinct coffees (100g each), each offering a unique flavor profile and a unique journey. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a beginner eager to delve into the diverse world of coffee, this box is your gateway to exploration.


We've carefully chosen these coffees to highlight the broad spectrum of flavors that coffee can offer. From the light and fruity to the deep and full-bodied, each coffee tells its own story, reflecting its origin, its varietal, and the care taken in its cultivation and processing.


The Coffee Tasting Box is not just about tasting coffee - it's an adventure in a box, an invitation to experience the richness and variety of the coffee world. It's a celebration of the craft, the culture, and the community that makes every cup of coffee a unique experience. So, embark on this flavor journey with us and let your palate explore the diverse world of specialty coffee. Enjoy!