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Sip, Savor, Repeat: An Introduction to Coffee Tasting

So, you've dived headfirst into the universe of specialty coffee. You’ve learned about the beans, the roast levels, and even the various preparation methods. But do you know how to truly taste your coffee? Welcome to the world of coffee tasting – an art, a science, and a delightful sensory experience.

First Step - Setting Up:

Coffee tasting, also known as 'cupping', is a systematic process. To start, all you need is freshly roasted coffee, hot water, a cupping spoon (or any large spoon), and a palate eager to explore.

Understanding the Tasting Wheel:

The Specialty Coffee Association's Tasting Wheel is your roadmap. It divides coffee flavors into categories and subcategories. From fruity to floral, nutty to spicy, it's a comprehensive guide to identifying nuances in your brew.

The Process:

  • Smell the Grounds: Before adding water, inhale deeply. Raw coffee grounds have a unique aroma, often different from the brewed version. Take notes of the scents you detect.

  • Add Hot Water: As the water interacts with the grounds, lean in and take another sniff. This stage, known as the 'bloom', releases a myriad of gaseous compounds and with them, aromatic hints of the flavors within.

  • Taste It: Here's where the spoon comes in. Slurp the coffee (yes, slurping is encouraged) to aerate it and spread it evenly over your palate. Try to identify the flavors. Is it fruity? Chocolatey? Maybe there's a hint of caramel?

  • Note the Body and Aftertaste: How does the coffee feel in your mouth? Is it light, creamy, or somewhere in between? After swallowing, what flavors linger?

Developing Your Palate:

The beauty of coffee tasting is that there's no definitive right or wrong. It’s subjective. However, tasting different coffees and practicing regularly can help refine your palate. Consider joining tasting sessions at local roasteries or cafes, and even keeping a coffee journal.


Coffee tasting is a journey, not a destination. Each cup offers a world of flavors waiting to be discovered. As you delve deeper into this craft, you'll not only enjoy your daily brew more but also join a community of aficionados sharing the same passion.


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